Unity 5.3 Released – Supports In-App Purchases

Published on January 6, 2016 by

Unity Technologies has released a new version of the popular game development tool Unity, increasing the latest version to 5.3. Among the changes is a new OpenGL engine which utilizes OpenGL 4.x, as OpenGL 2.1 is scheduled to be removed with the Unity 5.4 release that is scheduled for March 2016. Other news include experimental support for Apple’s Metal technology, which promises to massively boost game performance on iOS devices.¬†Other new things include a new version 5.9 of the scripting tool MonoDevelop-Unity, multi-scene editing, as well as pulling WebGL support out of beta.

Perhaps most interesting to many, is the support for in-app purchases, where developers can support these purchases across platforms. The currently supported platforms are the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

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