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Improve your programming skills and boost your career by taking an online course! Find online courses about Elasticsearch, Vue.js, Angular, Java, MySQL, Postgres, and much more!

Vue.js: From Beginner to Professional


by Coding Explained

Learn everything you need to know about Vue.js with this 15+ hour online course. Learn how to work with components, animations, routing (including SPA), HTTP, and Vuex. Also get a detailed understanding of how Vue.js works under the hood with useful theory and practice exercises.

$10 $145

Complete Guide to Elasticsearch


by Coding Explained

Learn the ins and outs of Elasticsearch with this online course, which takes you from A to Z. Elasticsearch is a complex topic, but this course simplifies it and makes it easy to digest and get started. Learn the theory of Elasticsearch and how to build complex search queries.

$10 $149

Processing Events with Logstash


by Coding Explained

Learn how to process events with Logstash, which is part of the ELK stack (and Elastic Stack). Logstash enables you to perform lots of different event processing, and can receive events from many different sources, and send them to many destinations.

$10 $95

Spring & Hibernate for Beginners

by Chad Darby

Learn how to build a complete application with Spring MVC and Hibernate. Spring Framework is the most popular Java framework, and combined with Hibernate, Spring can be used for applications of any size, including enterprise apps. Learning Spring and Hibernate is sure to be valuable to your career!

$15 $195

Spring Framework Masterclass

by Tim Buchalka

Learn Spring Framework, including Spring MVC, and also learn how to work with JDBC and MySQL in the context of Spring. Build real applications step by step, and get a detailed walkthrough of the core concepts of Spring Framework.

$15 $195

Complete Java Masterclass

by Tim Buchalka

Learn the ins and outs of Java with complete online course. Learn everything from Java basics, generics, concurrency, to networking and other advanced Java topics.

$15 $195

Learning Apache Kafka for Beginners

by Stephane Maarek

Learn the popular Apache Kafka from scratch and understand the core concepts of Kafka and its ecosystem. See how to integrate Kafka with various programming frameworks and set up your own Kafka cluster with Docker.

$15 $20

The Complete Docker Toolset From a Docker Captain

by Bret Fisher

Learn everything you need to know about Docker, and learn how to containerize applications. This course includes Docker Compose and Docker Swarm. Build Dockerfiles and Compose files in practice and build a multi-node Swarm cluster and learn how to deal with deployments, logging, and more!

$15 $200

Complete Python Masterclass

by Tim Buchalka

Learn everything you need to know about the Python programming language. Learn all of the basics of Python and also some advanced topics. Learning Python is an excellent choice for a first programming language, or if you want to get into data science, big data, etc.

$15 $145

Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

by James Lee

Learn the core concepts of Docker with a focus on building a containerized web application with microservices. Also learn how to automate everything and deploy multi-container web applications in the cloud by using Docker Swarm.

$15 $125