EasyJet to Innovate Aviation Industry with Artificial Intelligence

Published on November 23, 2015 by

EasyJet, the fourth largest European airline, is investing increasingly more into artificial intelligence in order to further optimize its production platform. The airline operates 219 planes and 134 destinations and carries more than 65 million passengers per year. Operating an airline is complex and very expensive. EasyJet looks to make use of artificial intelligence (AI) to lower its costs and make the production platform more efficient. To do this, the company has hired a team of 25 data analytics as well as a “Head of Science”.

Traditionally, data analysts, have analyzed data from the past to understand trends, but have not analyzed data in order to predict what the future brings. Using artificial intelligence, algorithms can be used to better predict what is going to happen in the future based on large amounts of historical data.

An example where AI can be applied is the 170 million meals and drinks that are served onboard every year. Analyzing historical data, it can be possible to predict the demand for certain kinds of food and thereby avoid the supplier running low on certain products. Another use case is the components that make up the planes, which altogether are airborne for 1.5 billion hours per day. Based on timetables and many other factors, it is possible to more precisely predict when a given component should be changed. This and many other things can altogether result in a more efficient platform that can save the airline a great deal of money, but also lead to higher satisfaction among its customers.

The airline will also use artificial intelligence to optimize its time schedule, website and more. EasyJet is investing heavily in technology and is a pioneer in the industry.

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