Generate CRC32 Checksum in Java

Generating a CRC32 checksum in Java is – as you would expect – extremely simple. All it takes is a few lines of code. Below is an example on how to generate a CRC32 checksum from a string.

public final class AppUtils {
    private AppUtils() { }

    public static long crc32(String input) {
        byte[] bytes = input.getBytes();
        Checksum checksum = new CRC32(); //
        checksum.update(bytes, 0, bytes.length);

        return checksum.getValue();

In the example above, the code required to generate the CRC32 checksum has been wrapped in a convenient helper class, such that you can use the static method as follows.

long checksum = AppUtils.crc32("Turn this into a CRC32 checksum!");

You can of course just take the code within the crc32 method and use it in whichever context you need.

As you can see, generating a CRC32 checksum in Java is very, very easy.

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