Looping through Number Ranges

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In this short lecture, I am going to show you how you can output a range of numbers with the v-for directive. By specifying a number as the expression, the template will be repeated that number of times. So if I wanted to output a list of the numbers from one to ten, I would give the current number an alias followed by the in keyword and the number ten.

<li v-for="n in 10"></li>

{{ n }}

What Vue.js does for us, is that it loops ten times and increments n by one for each iteration. And sure enough, we see a list containing the numbers from one to ten.

This syntax also enables you to access the loop index in exactly the same way as you have previously seen.

<li v-for="(n, index) in 10">{{ n }}</li>

Now that we have the loop index available, we could do something like outputting n multiplied with index. I will output both numbers as well as the result of the multiplication.

{{ n }} * {{ index }} = {{ n * index }}

And as you can see, we now have access to both the range of numbers and the loop index, and we can do with those whatever we please.


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  3. Hari Prasad

    very helpful one thanks a lot Bo Andersen

  4. Sinan

    When I use a real number in the loop as: it works.
    But if I try to get the number from a variable declared in data as: , it doesnt work.

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