Bo Andersen

I am a back-end web developer with a passion for open source technologies. I have been a PHP developer for many years, and also have experience with Java and Spring Framework. I currently work full time as a lead developer. Apart from that, I also spend time on making online courses, so be sure to check those out!

Posts by Bo Andersen

Adding Custom Variables to Zend Framework Forms

July 25, 2012 by

It is often necessary to add data to form elements from outside of the form. Examples of scenarios where this would be useful include data fetched from a data store or data saved in sessions. In this article, we will discuss two ways of doing this, one of which has several advantages over the other.

Using a Separate Routes Configuration File

July 22, 2012 by

In the Zend Framework, there are many ways to add custom routes to a project. Adding them to the application.ini file quickly makes the file very big and harder to maintain. In this article, we will show two ways of writing custom routes in a separate configuration file.

The Singleton Pattern

July 22, 2012 by

The singleton pattern is one of the most popular and well known patterns in software development. It is extremely simple and yet solves a fundamental and common problem. However, as this article discusses, everything has a cost.

Primary Index

May 19, 2012 by

The primary index is essential in databases. In this article, we present the main characteristics of the primary index along with its problems and solutions. A primary index physically orders the records on the secondary storage device to speed up the retrieval of data records. The index is sparse or non-dense because it only contains a block pointer for each block in the data file.