Docker Technologies for DevOps and Developers

by James Lee

Learn the core concepts of Docker with a focus on building a containerized web application with microservices. Also learn how to automate everything and deploy multi-container web applications in the cloud by using Docker Swarm.

$15 $125

Angular – The Complete Guide

by Maximilian Schwarzmüller

This course teaches how to build modern, reactive, and complex web applications with Angular. You will get a complete understanding of Angular's architecture and practice building applications through exercises. Among others, you will learn how to build single-page applications and use webpack.

$15 $190

Angular Crash Course for Busy Developers

by Mosh Hamedani

Master the core Angular concepts and build real world single-page applications (SPA) with components, pipes, forms, etc. Learn best practice by learning how to use dependency injection, write maintainable code, and how to test Angular applications. A very good all-round course for Angular beginners.

$15 $150

Modern React with Redux

by Stephen Grider

Learn how to master the fundamentals of React and Redux while developing apps using modern JavaScript, webpack, Babel, and NPM. You will get a deep understanding of the fundamentals of both React and Redux, and be ready to build awesome web applications by using both!

$15 $180

The Complete Guide to Webpack

by Stephen Grider

Learn how to use Webpack to set up a modern and professional project and how to use it to build your code. You will also learn how to transpile code to run in old browsers. This is a great resource for learning everything you need to know to work with Webpack.

$15 $75

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

by Ryan Kroonenburg

Learn the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and get ready to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam! The course teaches you to design robust and scalable systems running on AWS. You will learn IAM, S3, CloudFront, EC2, Route53, VPC, RDS, and much more. Become a cloud guru today!

$15 $180

PHP for Beginners: Become a PHP Master

by Edwin Diaz

Learn the basics of PHP and gradually move to more advanced topics. Work with databases, security, files, e-mails, OOP, and much more! This course covers everything you need to learn PHP from A to Z. Learn by doing and build a complete Content Management System (CMS) from scratch.

$15 $200

Laravel for Beginners: Become a Laravel Master

by Edwin Diaz

Learn the fundamentals of Laravel, the most popular PHP framework to date! The course covers everything from routes, controllers, middleware, views, blade templating, forms, database connectivity (including the Eloquent ORM), and much more. Learn Laravel from A to Z with this course.

$15 $150

MySQL from Beginner to Advanced

by John Purcell

Learn everything you need to know about MySQL, from the very basics to advanced concepts. Apart from the SQL basics, the course covers topics such as views, locks & transactions, functions, stored procedures, triggers, user defined functions (UDF), and more.

$15 $30

Getting Started with Apache Cassandra

by Infinite Skills

Learn Apache Cassandra from scratch with this very complete introduction to Cassandra. Learn everything from the very basics, to running, maintaining, and monitoring a database cluster consisting of multiple nodes. Also learn how to repair nodes in case something goes wrong.

$15 $50