Installing Sense for Kibana on OS X

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Sense is a Kibana plugin that enables one to quickly and easily issue requests to an Elasticsearch cluster. This is done without using a third party tool such as cURL. Sense conveniently includes IntelliSense, helping you remember the appropriate syntax for requests. Let’s see how we can install Sense on OS X. If you are not on a Mac or another UNIX based operating system, then simply use the kibana.bat file instead in the following snippets.

First, make sure that Kibana is not already running, and then issue the following commands in the Terminal or Command Prompt for Windows users.

cd /path/to/kibana
cd bin
./kibana plugin --install elastic/sense

This is going to install the Kibana plugin Sense and is going to take a few minutes.

When the above command completes, you will need to start up Kibana by entering the below command.


When Kibana has started, open up a browser of your choice and navigate to http://localhost:5601/app/sense.

In the interface that loads up (after closing the Sense introduction), you are going to be entering Elasticsearch requests on the left and see the corresponding results on the right. To issue a request, simply click the green triangle at the top right corner of the left pane. If you click the wrench icon after having entered a request, it is possible to copy the request in the corresponding cURL syntax, which is very useful. Also very convenient, is the fact that it works the other way too; if you copy a cURL request and simply copy it into the request field, it will automatically be formatted into the Sense syntax. Now how cool is that?

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