Using Google Visualization with wkhtmltopdf

The wkhtmltopdf tool, which converts HTML markup to a PDF document, is quite powerful compared to most other solutions that I have come across. It uses the WebKit rendering engine, which powers many Mac OS X applications such as Safari – and previously Google Chrome. This article shows you how to make the Google Visualization API work with the wkhtmltopdf tool.

How to use DocBlock Templates in PHPDoc

Sometimes one has several variables that are related – typically in a class – and one wants to document them with PHPDoc. Defining the same type and perhaps description for each of these variables or constants can be tedious and result in a lot of redundant documentation. Luckily, PHPDoc provides a way of documenting multiple

Installing the PHP intl extension on OS X Mavericks

Sometimes one needs to use internationalization features in PHP. It might be that a library that you are using depends upon the PHP intl extension – for instance, some validators in Zend Framework 2 do so. This article will show you how to install the things you need by hand. Please note that there are

Composer: Autoloading Libraries Without Namespaces

Autoloading third party libraries in PHP has become much less of a pain since the introduction of Composer. In this article we will see how this can be done for libraries that do not comply with the PSR-0 autoloading specification.

Introduction to PHP Generators

With the release of PHP 5.5, so-called generator functions are now available. Generators can among others be used to decrease the memory usage of your web server. This article gives you an overview of the generators in PHP 5.5.

Calculate Age From Date of Birth in MySQL

If you have ever needed to calculate the age of someone based on their date of birth, then you might have been left puzzled at first. Many people seem to over complicate things, so in this article, a simple function is provided to convert dates to ages.

Binary Search Algorithm

The binary search algorithm is an important algorithm in computer science. It solves the problem of searching large data sets efficiently. Luckily, the algorithm is quite simple to implement. This article shows two implementations of the algorithm in PHP and discusses the efficiency of them.

HTML5 Video Element

Never has playing video in browsers been so easy. Due to HTML5, it can even be done in a standardized way without requiring third party software to be installed. This article gives an overview of the HTML5 video element along with its JavaScript API.

Manipulating DOM Documents with phpQuery

Manipulating DOM documents with PHP is difficult without the use of libraries or extensions. This article discusses the various options that are available and focuses on the phpQuery project, which is a PHP port of the popular jQuery JavaScript library.

Solving Concurrent Request Blocking in PHP

Making multiple concurrent AJAX requests to a PHP script, for example, may have left you wondering why the requests are not executed in parallel as expected. Rather, the requests are blocking each other. Chances are that this is caused by using sessions within the PHP script.